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About us
about us
1. Business Development
2. Product Life Cycle Planning
3. Design, Innovation and     Intellectual Property
4. Sales Planning
5. Enterprise Productivity Planning
6. Emergency Planning
7. Knowledge Management
8. E-Business Planning
9. Cultural Posturing
10. Supplier Advantage
11. Business Transformation and             Change Management
12. Organisational Strategy
about us
Cultural Posturing

Inflection Point Ltd (“IPL”) has global experience; having operated businesses in many of the world’s most significant territories. This working knowledge allows quick answers to complex problems involved with international business. Testing, translating and piloting services and products to reduce risk can be undertaken; Relationships with embassies and trade departments are also used to accelerate new market entries.

While companies focus at improving revenue and future growth by traditional methods, most tend to overlook the internal and external cultural issues that arise from new cultures and ways of working. IPL helps you understand how to build a balanced team that contains strengths of local skills and customs to optimize the inherent company strengths. ‘Glocalisation’ is an established practice and new market requires new ways of working.