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About us
about us
1. Business Development
2. Product Life Cycle Planning
3. Design, Innovation and     Intellectual Property
4. Sales Planning
5. Enterprise Productivity Planning
6. Emergency Planning
7. Knowledge Management
8. E-Business Planning
9. Cultural Posturing
10. Supplier Advantage
11. Business Transformation and             Change Management
12. Organisational Strategy
about us
Knowledge Management

Inflection Point Ltd’s (“IPL”) in-depth experience of leveraging knowledge is second to none. Unbeknown to most companies, one of the greatest asset is already within their walls; their employees and the knowledge they posses, plus stored information and data, which is rarely used to its full potential.

Having an in depth understanding and working knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements, surrounding confidentiality and non-disclosure, IPL is able to provide tools to access resources and create knowledge groups to allow access to information that would have been departmentalised otherwise. This new collaborative and ‘unnatural’ way of working, requires senior management to establish a cultural change within the company; openness, partnerships and knowledge sharing are just a few changes that need to happen.