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about us
1. Business Development
2. Product Life Cycle Planning
3. Design, Innovation and     Intellectual Property
4. Sales Planning
5. Enterprise Productivity Planning
6. Emergency Planning
7. Knowledge Management
8. E-Business Planning
9. Cultural Posturing
10. Supplier Advantage
11. Business Transformation and             Change Management
12. Organisational Strategy
about us
Sales Planning

Disruptive strategies - Throwing that curve ball! IPLknows that this is an area that no company is unfamiliar with but whether sales’ planning is carried out efficiently, to optimise short and medium term opportunities, is always at question.

IPL can offer insight, capability and practical knowledge to these critical front-line tasks. Using its vast knowledge of the intricacies and expectations within sales planning to identify high performance areas, loss making practices and key ‘gaps’ within the current sales plan. IPL’s ‘tried and tested’ tools allow a company to keep up with its ever changing environment and to use skillful planning and organisational decisions to commit to higher performance levels.

Avoid those ‘sales thinkers and planners’ and cut-through to delivery. Customer relationship systems, penetrating competitive communications strategies, compelling proposal compositions, successful sales tactics, and useful market intelligence are just a few of the areas IPL takes pride in delivering.

IPL has an in depth understanding and working knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements, such as the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

IPL’s analytical tools, frameworks and instruments will be used by our experts to accelerate results for your company. To deliver business value the results are then compared and contrasted with IPL Golden Rules (“IPG”) which are derived from lessons learnt and best practice guides.