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about us
1. Business Development
2. Product Life Cycle Planning
3. Design, Innovation and     Intellectual Property
4. Sales Planning
5. Enterprise Productivity Planning
6. Emergency Planning
7. Knowledge Management
8. E-Business Planning
9. Cultural Posturing
10. Supplier Advantage
11. Business Transformation and             Change Management
12. Organisational Strategy
about us
Product Life Cycle Planning

Managing sustainability- Cash cows funding the Stars! Inflection Point Ltd (“IPL”) can help you plan your investment and return ratios across your product portfolio. ‘Cash is king’, but so is building future products and managing those problem products. Often the wrong load balancing or delay in corrective actions can mean an unrecoverable crisis for income pipelines.

While most companies view this area of business planning as too complex and usually too daunting to undertake as part of their business operations, it remains an integral aspect of business. The criticality of competitive and comparative analysis is vital when positioning products and managing their life-cycles. The need to discover and design new and innovative products and services, quickly and at low cost, leads to an increase in a company’s desire to review the life cycle of their current markets.

IPL’s analytical tools, frameworks and instruments can be used by our experts to accelerate decisions for your company. To deliver business value the results are then compared and contrasted with Golden Rules which are derived from Lessons Learnt and Best Practice guides.

IPL has an in depth understanding and working knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements, such as the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.