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Decision Support Science ("DSS")...

Company leaders often have to make fast decisions, using just instinct, experience and selected information from their colleagues. Time often does not allow for a more measured approach or an informed decision making process. But when it does, either in-house expert’s perform these tasks or companies use a combination of external consultants ‘independent trusted advisors’ together with in-house resources to assess best practice and develop a broader range of strategic choices. Inflection Point has been performing as a trusted advisor to board-level executives for over 20 years.

These short pauses for analysis before long-term decisions will enable a company to maximise its growth opportunities and minimises risk and unnecessary costs.

Inflection Point has been delivering decision support services to the best companies in the world and ‘the joint’ results have helped grow the most successful companies and evolve the most satisfied customers in the world.

All assignments are carried out completely confidentially and results are delivered rapidly with value for money always in mind.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers for repeatedly trusting our services to support some of their most important decisions, and ask new customer to try our services - see how future decision making can be made easier, clearer and faster then ever before. We would welcome an open and candid discussion at a time that suits you. Please contact us at info@inflectionp.com.

Some of our clients include: Logos