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about us
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about us
What We Do

Why us - 25-years of board-level and investor success using unique business models to deliver results rapidly.

Our main focus is to install High-Velocity sales and business development models into a culture to accelerate revenues, market-share and customer satisfaction at Start-ups to Multi-nationals and even Governments.

IPL clients always Leap-Frog their competitors, deliver innovation and achieve higher performance.

Inflection Point Ltd (‘IPL’) is a specialist advisory and interim management firm. We work in most sectors, however our core expertise is in Software, High-Tech and the Energy & Clean-Tech businesses. We have also recently completed assignments with some major Family Offices, Real Estate Investors, Private Banks and carried out Third Party Fund Raising for some Infrastructure Funds. We work closely with business leaders, Private Equity and Corporate Finance companies and Venture Capital funds to manage new funds and set-up high performance systems. IPL has global experience, having successfully delivered major High Impact assignments in the UK, throughout the EU, GCC mainly in Kuwait, throughout India, HK, Southern China and in the US mainly in California and New York.

IPL began life as a specialist, Silicon Valley- based, sales strategy consulting and interim management firm, helping visionary tech-founders and early stage investors to create new revenues and new markets or just improve sales and marketing performance. A number of proprietary tools and models developed in-house optimized returns on investments at many prominent organisations. An example is IPL’s Decision Support Science 'DSS', a tool-set that uses evidence-based triangulation processes to accelerate leadership decision-making and innovation. DSS has monetized a number of patented technologies and remains the main quantitative and qualitative management approach at IPL.

High impact services include:

  • Board and Investor Advisory
  • Interim Board Positions for Sales and Marketing
  • Improving Field Sales and Business Development
  • Fundraising and Business Planning
  • Spin-outs, JVs and Acquisitions
  • Patent and Protection Planning
  • Strategy and Communications
  • Turnaround, Outsourcing and Off-shoring
  • Sourcing, Procurement and Tendering
  • Commercial Development
  • Analysis Tools
  • Project Management

Our entrepreneurial culture relies on the core values of trust, innovation and customer service.

IPL has its headquarters in City of London, England.